[tex-live] A bug in TeXLive 2004 in working with ncctools package

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Mon Dec 6 11:19:07 CET 2004


"v" == victorgfu  writes:

 v> Ok, in the attachment I am sending you the test file.

What you sent is a PDF file, but not the requested FULL, COMPLETE TeX
source file (PLUS THE LOG FILE). What you show below (some excerpts
from your document preamble?) do not qualify as a FULL TEST FILE.

Your report is still useless.

 v> in the source I have:

 v> \RequirePackage[perpage,ruled,para*]{manyfoot}
 v> \DeclareNewFootnote[para]{A} \DeclareNewFootnote[para]{B}

 v> \newcommand{\fnt}[1]{\footnotetextA{\gr{#1}}}

 v> \newcommand{\fn}[1]{% \leavevmode\unskip%
 v> \ifthenelse{\value{nxnotes} = 0}% first note in this chapter
 v> {\setcounter{nxnotes}{1}%
 v> \footnotetextA{{\gr\bfseries\thechnum:\scriptsize\thevsnum}\nobreakspace\gr{#1}}%
 v> }{%
 v> \footnotetextA{{\gr\bfseries\scriptsize\thevsnum}\nobreakspace\gr{#1}}%
 v> }%
 v> }

 v> \newcommand{\fnRNT}[1]{ \leavevmode\unskip%
 v> \ifthenelse{\value{nnotes} = 0}% first note in this chapter
 v> {\setcounter{nnotes}{1}%
 v> \footnotetextB{{\gr\bfseries\thechnum:\scriptsize\thevsnum}\nobreakspace\ru{#1}}%
 v> }{%
 v> \footnotetextB{{\gr\bfseries\scriptsize\thevsnum}\nobreakspace\ru{#1}}%
 v>         }
 v> }

 v> You wrote 3 декабря 2004 г., 15:49:24:

 >> Greetings,

 >> "v" == victorgfu writes:

 v> Dear developers, I can't use all the features of the manyfoot
 v> package, because when I set "para" constant, ii doesn't make the
 v> the footnotes running as one paragraph, like it was when you tried
 v> to compile the sources. So, by now I have to disable that function
 v> and am wasting a lot of paper space, because each footnote begins
 v> from new line.

 v> As I understand this is a BUG, because the TeXLive 2003 doesn't
 v> have this error. I tried to replace the footmisc and the ncctools
 v> packages with the old ones, but the result was the same
 v> frustration.  Thus, I conclude, that the LaTeX kernel has a bug.

 >> Without a specific (minimal) test file (plus the log file) which
 >> demonstrates the "bug", your report is useless.


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