[tex-live] running programs from texlive tlc2

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau at supelec.fr
Thu Dec 9 14:54:44 CET 2004

> Still, regardless of the code, enormous differences in processing speed
> between linux and Win32 are surprising and suggest some serious hardware or
> configuration problem.

> Are these differences apparent for other documents or only Hebrew?

Sorry, but all this stuff is just unbelievable. I used to do profiling on TeX on
win32 just to be sure that there were no place where it could be made
faster. TeX is not system dependent as soon as you use native binaries. The only
case where you can find a significantly slower TeX is when you use djgpp
binaries under windows. If you use either miktex or web2c natively compiled,
I see no reason why it should run slower under win32 than TeX under linux under
the same hardware assumptions. Kernel has nothing to do here. Even the C library
is not heavily involved in the logs I got from profiling.


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