[tex-live] Re: Updates on Debian TeX live packages

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Aug 1 10:09:34 CEST 2005

Hi all!

Concerning the descriptions, some comments from my side:

On Mon, 01 Aug 2005, Frank Küster wrote:
> > There is already a one-line description, but I thought that this is too
> > short.
> Of course it would be better to have a longer description, but I'd
> rather not create all of them manually.  If a texlive Debian package
> contains one (La)TeX package, or one (La)TeX package plus add-ons, you
> could try to generate it from the text in the Catalogue. 

The problem is that all the texlive-debian packages are generated from
the respective collection-* TPMs, which normally include a whole bunch
of other packages/TPMs.

On Sam, 30 Jul 2005, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I'm updating the TPM files the CTAN catalogue now, for the
> title, author and description.  This is for those cases where
> there is a 1:1 correspondence of the name, of course.
> Norbert, I'll submit these in a few hours (its only on the letter C...),
> so when you come back you might like to see about using them
> to build the Debian control file nicely

THe problem is - as I said - with the descriptions in the collection-*
files, which are probably not updated from the Catalogue.

For now I have decided that I will:
- take the TPM:title for the short one line description
- take the TPM:description for the long description
and maybe one of us (including me) find some time to write a bit more in
the Descriptions of the collection*, there are some with good
descriptions, but some of them are just short one-liners, too.

Best wishes


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