[tex-live] Re: Packaging SourceFiles for TeX live/Debian

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Aug 2 13:34:27 CEST 2005

Hi Frank!

As always your comments are very helpful, thanks a lot!

On Die, 02 Aug 2005, Frank Küster wrote:
> > collection-latexextra:
> > 	binary:
> > 	..../splitindex/splitindex-Linux-i386
> In my view, the ideal solution to this would be to have a source package
> that produces the architecture-dependent binary package that contains
> splitindex, and the arch=all binary package that contains
> splitindex.sty.
> A more realistic solution would be to simply remove the precompiled
> binaries from the orig.tar.gz, both of the arch=all package and of the
> arch=any package.  This has the additional benefit that it will never
> happen that you accidently upload a version which fails to compile
> splitindex, but doesn't detect that because it simply takes the
> precompiled file.

Is it necessary to remove the stuff from the .orig.tar.gz? I would
prefer to leave it in the .orig.tar.gz (why: it is generated by simply
copying all files referenced in the current tpm to the .orig directory.
Exceptions are only taken into account at package build time), but
exclude it from the binary .deb.

Is this possible, too? Is it allowed to have precompiled binaries in
debian .orig.tar.gz?

> > 	wrong shell path:
> > 	source/latex/wordcount/wordcount.sh #!/usr/bin/sh
> Is there any sane system in the world where the POSIX shell is not in
> /bin/?  

Anyway, I have started to add dpatch support for all the packages, and
just fix these wrong locations with a dpatch.

I could fix it in the Perforce TeXlive depot, but with the next update
from upstream = CTAN it would be gone again. SO for debian I use dpatch.

> > 	wront tcl path:

same as above

> > collection-fontsextra:
> > 	shell-script-fails-syntax-check

same as above

> It doesn't matter as long as somebody pesters upstream to fix them in
> their sources and on CTAn, too.

;-) For now I don't want to discuss this with up-up-stream (not TeX
live, but with the authors). I leave it as dpatch in debian.

Best wishes


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