[tex-live] Re: Packaging SourceFiles for TeX live/Debian

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Aug 2 16:44:17 CEST 2005

Hi all!

Lot of discussion about some very small stuff:

On Die, 02 Aug 2005, Karl Berry wrote:
> It seems problematic to me to make Debian TL have source changes which
> do not exist in the original TL.  Is this really a path we want to go down?

No, of course not.

> It will lead to the same pseudo-forking as occurs for everything else in
> the Linux distributions -- changes get made, never get propagated back.

Don't get over the border, please. YOu know that I am feeding everything
back to TeX live.

> do it.  So are these changes really important?  Why spend your time

Well, this is something I can not answer at the moment. I am not a
proper DD, I want to submit this stuff `as close as possible to the
original TeX live' to Debian.

I don't want any split at all. But there are some requirements, at least
in the documentation I have read. Maybe, as the saying goes in german,
`it is less hot eaten then cooked', these things are not important, but
a priori I don't know.

> working on these things simply to quiet some tool, when they have
> existed for many years and no one has complained?  Aren't there more
> important things to be working on?

It is all about infrastructure, too. With all this debian packaging I
have already corrected a whole bunch of errors in tpm files, found
missing pieces etc etc. I just fix them in the depot and don't talk
about. And as soon as it is easy to fix something for me, and I create a
diff or something, I try to feed it back to TeX live.

With regard to changes to files in source/... I don't WANT to feed it
directly back to TeX live, since the next upgrade will eradicate my

I have to submit it up-upstream as I would say.

BUt to calm everybody down: Here are the two patches I have, up to now,
used as dpatches. SO everybody can see what I am talking about, and
maybe that we are ATM loosing much more time over trivialities then
	Comment the part that describes the shell script. THis is
	a shell script with a long description at the end. I have
	only put comment signs in front of the description


-#! /usr/bin/sh
+#! /bin/sh

and these three files are not included into a debian package (but are
present in the debian source package)

With these changes I get all the arch=all packages lintian clean (at
least what errors concerns). THere are a lot of warning I will work on

> If you detected it and prepared patches, you've done a good part of the
> work.  Somebody else can take over.  It would be good to keep a list of

Patches will accumulate in
and everybody is invited to contact upstream ;-)

Best wishes


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