[tex-live] libstdc++.so.6

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Aug 5 15:24:07 CEST 2005


The string "cpp-runtime-hack" does not appear anywhere in the current
sources in TeX Live, BTW.  Oh, looking at web2c/configure.in, it seems
to be --with-cxx-runtime-hack.  (I hate C++.)

Anyway, my recent build did statically link libstdc++ (and the other
libraries) into the pdfetex binary.

    But it seems that the configure from the lcdf_typetools package
    doesn't understand that switch.  :-(

Hardly surprising.  We will have to insert similar kludges for that;
I'll see if I can do that unless someone else can work on it.  (I hate
C++.  Dynamic libraries too.  Life used to be simpler.)

Staszek's build will probably go against libstdc++ v5, which is better
but not good enough, since Taco reported that Mandriva may ship without
v5, with *only* v6.  It's nice to see such concern for compatibility :(.

(BTW, last year's lcdf binaries also dynamically linked against
libstdc++, and I don't remember getting any bug reports about it.)

    because something in texinfo fails (don't kow how
    to make version.texi) Is this known/my fault, or should I attempt
    to isolate the error precisely?

Texinfo builds fine for me.  version.texi exists in my original
distribution as an up-to-date file; it should not need to get rebuilt.
Maybe your timestamps are munged.


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