[tex-live] TeXlive for Debian - Comments from DD and Mentor(s)

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Aug 11 14:44:04 CEST 2005

On Don, 11 Aug 2005, Frank Küster wrote:
> > . Since the doc files are *not* present anymore in
> >   /usr/share/doc/package/... dh_compress leave them uncompressed.
> >   Is this OK?
> Should have read this earlier.  This *is* a good reason for putting the
> files into /usr/share/doc/texmf, not /usr/share/texmf/doc.

Can someone give me an idea how to cope with the following problem:

Files are installed into /usr/share/doc/pkgname/...

Links are created in /usr/share/texmf/doc/... to /usr/share/doc/pkgname/...

dh_compress is called, files in /usr/share/doc/pkgname are compressed.

But I guess dh_compress does not care for the link?

Is there a way that the links in /usr/share/texmf/doc/ do not come out
as dangling symlinks to the uncompressed files?

> > . Can I leave the info files also in /usr/share/texmf/doc/.... where
> >   they are present in TeX live, or should they not installed into TEXMF;
> >   and only into /usr/share/info?
> I think they should be removed from the TEXMF tree - everybody who knows
> that they can point info on a file with a full pathname will also be
> able to find them where they belong; everybody else will just say "info"
> and start browsing, or "info program".

Ok, will do it.

Best wishes


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