[tex-live] ~/.texmf-whatever => ~/.texlive2005/texmf-whatever

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Aug 13 01:49:07 CEST 2005

After discussing the situation with Thomas, we feel that we should in
fact change TEXMFCONFIG and TEXMFVAR to use an identifier in the
directory name, following George's note.

To restate the principle: in the past, teTeX (as installed in GNU/Linux
distributions) and TL (as installed by users) could happily coexist.
teTeX was in the system dirs, and TL was wherever the user put it, eg,
/usr/local/texlive, the user set their path to whichever they wanted.  I
think it's critical that this continue to work, since it has always been
the standard way to install the distributions.

The general idea of one package writing a .fmt (or updmap.cfg or
whatever) into these directories, and then another package reading it,
will not work.  It is not just a matter of teTeX vs. TL -- there will
also be a problem with future releases of either, e.g., .fmt's from
TL2005 will not work with TL2006.

Therefore I've changed TEXMFVAR and TEXMFCONFIG in the default TL
texmf.cnf to use $HOME/.texlive2005/texmf-whatever.  Thomas has said
he'll use something like $HOME/.teTeX-3.1 in his next release.

Comments/alternatives welcome.

(Having these new user-based directories for "system" files will
definitely be this year's #1 confusion/problem.)


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