[tex-live] rsync-Access to DANTE CTAN-Server

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Aug 21 18:46:01 CEST 2005

    Every night at 02:08 GMT some job tries to access an rsync module
    tldevsrc on the DANTE CTAN server, from shell.sourceforge.net. 


    (Hostname might be rsync.dante.de, ftp.dante.de, or dante.ctan.org.)
    I thought this access might be connected to the tex-live project (or,
    what else could `tldevsrc' be?).

I'm sure it is.  We provide a tldevsrc rsync module on tug.org.

    Does anybody know something about that job?

Not me.

    Are we supposed to provide an rsync module with that name?

No.  dev = development, shouldn't be on CTAN.

    If yes, what should it access?
    If no, who could know something about the job?

I agree with Rainer that since no one has noticed the failure, it can't
be very important.

If it's bothersome, asking the sourceforge admins what project has such
a cron job is the simplest idea I can think of ...

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