[tex-live] Re: TL binary builds?

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Mon Aug 22 16:20:56 CEST 2005

"SR" == Sebastian Rahtz writes:

 >> (and we don't need the symlinks with version numbers). i can do
 >> the necessary changes (including in the install scripts) if you
 >> approve.  what do you think?

 SR> only if you update the install scripts which detect OS and choose
 SR> the appropriate binary.... so far as I recall, they have version
 SR> numbers wired-in. See common.sh and utils.sh

done - changed common.sh and utils.sh, deleted old dirs with OS
version numbers (and symlinks pointing to them), and resubmitted the
same bunaries with directory names without OS version numbers.

BTW, i noticed that the files on


were already updated, but the old directories which were supposed to
be removed are there (but are empty). Probably the P4 options on
tug.org's client which fetches from the perforce repository need to be
updated to delete empty directories.

 KB>     i'll try to submit sparc-solaris, sparc64-linux and
 KB> powerpc-aix in the next few days.

 KB> Excellent, thanks.

submitted sparc-linux and sparc-solaris; will build powerpc-aix later
(right now i don't have access to it). will also rebuild sparc-linux
and sparc-solaris after sources will really stabilize.

 KB> From the point of view of maintaining the scripts, it sounds
 KB> good, I'd love to get rid of the version numbers hardwired in
 KB> there, they are a pain.

done. hope my changes will work.

 KB> Only thing is, sometimes it is useful to know on what os version,
 KB> specifically, the binaries were built (for bug reports, etc.).
 KB> So how about if everyone doing builds records that, and I'll put
 KB> the list into the documentation or a README or something.  I'm
 KB> thinking of the output of uname -a, gcc -v (or whatever
 KB> compiler), and anything else useful.  That will do a better job
 KB> than the version numbers in the bin directories.

 KB> How does that sound?

Sounds great - also Thomas uses similar descriptions in teTeX
(see file INSTALL in tetex-src-3.0 tarball):

teTeX-3.0 was successfully compiled on the following platforms:
  - ix86/Linux,         GNU gcc-3.4.3, GNU flex 2.5.4, GNU bison 1.875, GNU make 3.80
  - Sparc/Solaris 9,    Sun C 5.5, GNU flex 2.5.4, GNU bison 1.875, GNU make 3.80
  - x86/Solaris 10,     Sun C 5.5, GNU flex 2.5.4, GNU bison 1.875, GNU make 3.80
  - Digital UNIX 4.0E,  gcc 2.95.3, make (OS), flex (OS), yacc (OS), awk (OS)

probably we can put such info for TeX Live in some file (at least what
version of OS, C compiler was used to build the binaries included into
TeX Live).

i'll write such info for binaries i submitted later.


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