[tex-live] Omega and the recent changes in TDS

Alexej Kryukov akrioukov at newmail.ru
Wed Aug 24 21:32:05 CEST 2005

On Monday 22 August 2005 20:20, you wrote:
> Maybe, we can just use
>   tex/<engine>/<package>
> instead of the old
>   <engine>/generic/<package>
> scheme.

It surely would be reasonable. But why not to go further and
move all existing format-specific directories to that 
engine-specific tree, so that the new texmf/tex/omega/ directory
structure will look exactly as older texmf/omega/ except files
which have a non-TeX syntax? At least this will reduce the
number of directories in texmf/tex/ and make search path
definitions in texmf.cnf less complicated.

> At least, we have all files which are accessed by the same API
> (kpse_tex_format) in one directory inside the texmf tree
> ($TEXMF/tex). This was the main problem which was "solved" be
> omitting the top-level <engine> directories.

Frankly speaking, I don't understand why this problem was
really important. In teTeX 3.0 I am still able to add to my search 
paths any arbitrary directories, including those outside of
texmf/tex/. If technically tex has no problems finding any
files in any arbitrary locations, why it is necessary to
simplify its task by placing them together?

> > BTW, I am wondering why plain omega (unlike lambda) even hasn't
> > its own directory in the search path (i. e. something like
> > texmf/tex/plainomega).
> There is no need for a separate search path, aslong as there are no
> conflicting files. That might be the reason.

If there are no such files now, this doesn't mean they can't be
introduced by future Omega releases or any additional packages.
Anyway, I think format-specific directories should exist not
only because of possible name clashes, but mainly because there
is no reason to disturb standard tex or latex with files they 
can't process. For example, most lambda-specific files in antomega 
also have unique names, but I hope this doesn't mean I have to 
put them into tex/latex/ rather than tex/lambda/?

Moreother, since currently all files specific for plain omega
(fortunately they are few) are splitted across various subdirectories 
of the tex/plain/ tree, it is quite difficult even to figure out
all such files or understand that they are omega-specific. So I
think creating a separate directory for plain omega-based format (either
in the texmf/tex/ tree, or as a subdirectory of future engine-specific
tree) is absolutely necessary.

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