[tex-live] Problem with T1 encoding and Type1 fonts

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Thu Aug 25 14:48:51 CEST 2005

"RN" == Rolf Niepraschk writes:

 >> it's not possible to change the default family (cmr) used by
 >> LaTeX: you have to explicitly load the package which switches to
 >> LM fonts (lmr family).

 RN> This is not what I mean. It is possible to change the kind of
 RN> Type1 font (.pfb) which is used if a user want Computer Modern
 RN> Font in T1 coding.

 RN> The mixing of .pfb and .pk in the current version is not
 RN> acceptable!

i think that LM fonts do not support the same wide range of font sizes
as do the EC fonts. therefore it is not possible to do a seamless
substitution of EC fonts with LM fonts.

it is better to explicitly include \usepackage{lmfonts}
if you wish to use LM fonts.

otherwise you will be using (for T1 encoding by default) the EC fonts.


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