[tex-live] TeXlive for Debian/Sarge and upward - version 2005.08.24-1 online

LUK ShunTim shuntim.luk at polyu.edu.hk
Thu Aug 25 18:48:28 CEST 2005

Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Don, 25 Aug 2005, LUK ShunTim wrote:
>>Another little problem. It appears that /usr/bin/etex is a symbolic link
>>to pdfetex and it causes texi2dvi to invoke pdfetex. (That's how I first
> Do you have a problem with this? It does generate .dvi files, so I don't
> see any concern with this.

I'm building the Octave package (http://www.octave.org) from CVS and it
uses texi2dvi to generate the documents. It successfully generated the
pdf files but *failed* to generate the dvi files.

I've investigated further by using texi2dvi on a standalone texi file
(namely Octave-FAQ.texi) and as you said, both dvi and pdf files are
generated successfully. I observed that Octave comes with its a
"texinfo.tex" file of it's own and it's version is 1999-09-25.10. So
version incompatibility is the possible reason I can think of.

> Best wishes
> Norbert

I just suppose etex is some sort of extended or enhanced tex. How is it
related to pdftex? Some pointers to the literature will be much
appreciated. I'm still trying to learn the immense intricacies of texmf. :-)

Thanks and regards,

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