[tex-live] Problem with T1 encoding and Type1 fonts

Hans Hagen Outside pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Aug 27 18:24:21 CEST 2005

Vladimir Volovich wrote:

>"WL" == Werner LEMBERG writes:
> WL> I wonder whether we shall create a fourth texmf tree (besides
> WL> `texmf', `texmf-dist', and `texmf-doc'), say, `texmf-dvd', which
> WL> holds extra stuff not available on the CD release due to space
> WL> limitations.  This would be the right place for the missing
> WL> cm-super and cbgreek PFB files, bold CJK fonts, etc, etc.
>that sounds great - we can safely omit huge packages such as cm-super
>and full cb-greek from the TeX Live "CD version", and put it to only
>to "DVD version".
afaik the (also present) miktex tree has all those fonts (plus some more) so users can use/copy that one 


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