[tex-live] [de.comp.text.tex] Re: hfoldsty und microtype - font problem

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Sun Aug 28 15:45:01 CEST 2005

On 2005-08-28 14:08:53 +0200, Morten Høgholm wrote:
> Martin Schröder wrote:
> >How about including ifpdf in latex/required/tools?
> I don't know what Heiko thinks about that but I doubt it would be that 
> useful. Not because it's not a good idea but because chances are the 
> user already has it installed.  Users with teTeX or TeXLive already get 
> it installed from the start and MiKTeX users get it installed 
> automatically the first time they try to use it if they didn't go for 
> the full package when installing.

But do they know it's there and do they use it?

In an ideal world, the \ifpdf switch would be added to plain.tex
and the LaTeX kernel and after the next update the documents (if
not broken) would just work. Since both plain.tex and the LaTeX
kernel are in permafrost, we need other ways to get ifpdf
installed and used. Including it in required would solve the
installation (after a new LaTeX, of course), and the usage could
be solved by mentioning it in ltnews.


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