[tex-live] Request: more paper sizes

Markus Kohm markus.kohm at gmx.de
Tue Aug 30 16:26:38 CEST 2005

Am Dienstag, 30. August 2005 15:40 schrieb Karl Berry:
> Can someone investigate and send the correct paper size definitions for
> config.ps?

Here a the iso sizes of A, B, C, and D (ISO and DIN sizes are same):

@a0 841mm 1189mm
@a1 594mm 841mm
@a2 420mm 594mm
@a3 297mm 420mm
@a4 210mm 297mm
@a5 148mm 210mm
@a6 105mm 148mm
@a7 74mm 105mm
@a8 52mm 74mm
@a9 37mm 52mm
@a10 26mm 37mm
@a11 18mm 26mm
@a12 13mm 18mm
@a13 9mm 13mm
@a14 6mm 9mm
@a15 4mm 6mm
@a16 3mm 4mm
@a17 2mm 3mm
@a18 1mm 2mm
@b0 1000mm 1414mm
@b1 707mm 1000mm
@b2 500mm 707mm
@b3 353mm 500mm
@b4 250mm 353mm
@b5 176mm 250mm
@b6 125mm 176mm
@b7 88mm 125mm
@b8 62mm 88mm
@b9 44mm 62mm
@b10 31mm 44mm
@b11 22mm 31mm
@b12 15mm 22mm
@b13 11mm 15mm
@b14 7mm 11mm
@b15 5mm 7mm
@b16 3mm 5mm
@b17 2mm 3mm
@b18 1mm 2mm
@c0 917mm 1297mm
@c1 648mm 917mm
@c2 458mm 648mm
@c3 324mm 458mm
@c4 229mm 324mm
@c5 162mm 229mm
@c6 114mm 162mm
@c7 81mm 114mm
@c8 57mm 81mm
@c9 40mm 57mm
@c10 28mm 40mm
@c11 20mm 28mm
@c12 14mm 20mm
@c13 10mm 14mm
@c14 7mm 10mm
@c15 5mm 7mm
@c16 3mm 5mm
@c17 2mm 3mm
@c18 1mm 2mm
@d0 771mm 1090mm
@d1 545mm 771mm
@d2 385mm 545mm
@d3 272mm 385mm
@d4 192mm 272mm
@d5 136mm 192mm
@d6 96mm 136mm
@d7 68mm 96mm
@d8 48mm 68mm
@d9 34mm 48mm
@d10 24mm 34mm
@d11 17mm 24mm
@d12 12mm 17mm
@d13 8mm 12mm
@d14 6mm 8mm
@d15 4mm 6mm
@d16 3mm 4mm
@d17 2mm 3mm
@d18 1mm 2mm


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