[tex-live] amsfonts again

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Feb 15 19:29:52 CET 2005

Staszek Wawrykiewicz wrote:

> I've reinserted provisionally wncy* fonts from AMS, which went to the
> black hole in TL2004. I also added wncyr.tpm for that package. As I wrote
> before, we have pretty mess with amsfonts:
> 1. amsfonts package doesn't contain fonts, which could be missleading
> 2. amsfonts belongs to collection-latex and also scheme-context, but
>    without fonts is hardly usable
> 3. amssymbols package belongs to collection-fontsrecommended
> 4. euler package belongs to collection-latexrecommended
> 5. cmextra package belongs to collection-fontsextra
> 6. symbol package is messed with some stuff which belongs to amssymbols.
> I'd tend to merge all amsfonts stuff into one, consistent package, but
> I understand well why we are in such unhappy state:
> 1. for building .tpm files we have some directory name clashes, like
>    fonts/[afm|type1]/bluesky/ which contains also cm/ subdirectories
>    (but "cm" is, and should be, the different package)

indeed a terrible mess, i never got the logic behin dit -)

> 2. for the above reason ams/symbols was renamed into ams/amssymbols
>    (unfortunate, because there isn't clash between "symbol" and "symbols")
> 3. for ams/cyrillic we cannot use "cyrillic" because of LaTeX's cyrillic 
>    package (that's why I provisionally named it wncyr)

and there's also the cmsuper cyr stuff; so maybe just cyr

> What can we do? I still think that "classical" amsfonts stuff (still not 
> only used by amslatex!, please consider also ConTeXt and I have many
> examples of topology articles using still old amstex) should be merged 
> into *one* package, and frozen in the way:
> 1. afm|type1 files should go into ams/ directory, like in tfm/ and source/
> 2. do not know what to do with cyrillic (because of name clash with
>    "cyrillic" package when making .tpm file)
> Perhaps we can merge all files in just ams/ in 
> fonts/[afm|source|tfm|type1]. Please observe that CTAN's ams/symbols
> renaming into amssymbols was already done for TL.
> Please send comments, or should I do my radical work to clean that?

i'd say: clean it up in a local path and send the new dir-overview to this list

btw, i think that the ams fonts (maybe even euler) should be part of a base 
package esp since they fill in missing bits and pieces and are good fallbacks; 
context assumes them to be present for that reason.

also, i think that in the end we should end up with:

   base font package: latin modern + cmr-math-fonts + ams + euler + wncyr
   optional font base: [cmr/plr/csr]-text-fonts (and aer metrics)


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