[tex-live] increasing number of registers

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Feb 16 18:43:41 CET 2005

erik.itter at bbraun.com wrote:

> I have the 'no room for new dimen' problem with pictex and as I would 
> prefer to use pictex as in the books I would prefer to increase the 
> number of registers instead of one of the other work arounds. How can I 
> do this with TeXLive? (will be working with pdflatex in case thats 
> important)

use pdfetex or pdfelatex or anything with an e in its name instead since etec 
has > 256 registers (afaik on tex live all macro packages default to using 
pdfetex, so maybe your format is not generated in etex mode

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what a legal crap; well, this answer is public, not confidential, may be used by 
unauthorized persons, etc etc; your attorney will love the fact that all your 
mails to tex live will somehow end up in search engines and on many machines


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