[tex-live] FW: Problem installing by hand Texlive2004 on a Windows XP system

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 23 19:18:03 CET 2005

    Unfortunately the article on http://tug.org/exlive/windows.html ist 
    incomplete (for whatever reason).

The reason is that all I can write there is what people tell me.  (The
original info came from a message sent to texhax by Fabrice.)

I added PERL5LIB to the list of envvars to set.  Thanks.  I wasn't sure
from your msg if or when texmf-var was really needed, so I left that
out.  Please advise if need be.

If you (or anyone) find other problems with the procedure there, let me

BTW, so far no one has volunteered to update the Windows side in 2005.
(I've asked in all the places I know about, more than once.)  I hope
someone comes forward.  Unless that happens, there won't be an upgrade

So, Dave, you might be better off installing protext/miktex in the first
place, which have a relatively sane Windows install script, instead of
going through all these painful manual steps.


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