[tex-live] MacOS X + CJK

John Tang Boyland boyland at solomons.cs.uwm.edu
Wed Aug 2 03:38:49 CEST 2006

On 01 Aug 2006 00:25:02 EDT, Jonathan Kew wrote:
] On 31 Jul 2006, at 11:11 pm, John Tang Boyland wrote:
] [...]
] > Obviously the trick is to "choose one of the Unicode-compliant Chinese
] > fonts included with Mac OS X" as you said. I tried setting the font
] > from the TeXShop Format>Font menu but of course that only sets the
] > font for the *viewing* of the file, not the typesetting of it.  What's
] > the incantation to set the font for the typesetting of the file?
] > ...
] > Looking at the SIL XETEX web page, it seems one can define a low-level
] > font-changing command, but it seems to me that I would need to have a
] > separate command for each size of text I want,
] In xelatex, the best approach (by far) is to use the fontspec  
] package; something like
]    \usepackage{fontspec}
]    \setromanfont{STFangsong}
] in the preamble should get you started. (\setromanfont is arguably  
] something of a misnomer, as it can be a non-Roman font!)
] [...]
] But fontspec deals with all this and integrates the newly-specified  
] font with the LaTeX size-changing commands, etc.

Yes, that works.

] [...]
] In general, though, I think using teTeX (or rather the teTeX-based  
] gwTeX, installed via i-Installer or the MacTeX package) is the most  
] straightforward option on Mac OS X. And there are knowledgeable users  
] on both the TeX on Mac OS X list (see http://www.esm.psu.edu/mac- 
] tex/) and the XeTeX list (see http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/xetex)  
] who can usually help with any questions/problems that arise.

Yes, people have been very helpful.


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