[tex-live] Gentoo support of TeXLive

Martin Rud Ehmsen ehmsen at gentoo.org
Tue Aug 15 10:34:58 CEST 2006

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Christian Faulhammer wrote:
> Gentoo supports TeXLive 2005 since May this year (I didn't notice up to  
> tomorrow), so this should be added to the TeXLive pages (as with Debian).   
> I prepared a little installation instruction, attached to this mail.

I would very much like that Gentoo does not appear on any TexLive pages,
As described in your mail the TexLive ebuild is currently hardmasked,
and it probably stays that way for the moment. That means that the
ebuild is _not_ for general use, yet. And if it would appear on a
TexLive page that Gentoo supports it, then we will have a lot of users
unmasking the ebuild and reporting that it does not work (it does _not_
work currently in Gentoo) giving us extra work which could be spent on
getting TexLive to work in Gentoo.
As soon as the TexLive-ebuild is unmasked, then I'm perfectly fine with
it appearing on the TexLive site. Until then, hold your horses :-)

Martin R. Ehmsen
(tex maintainer for Gentoo)
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