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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sat Jan 21 08:00:30 CET 2006

>>>>> "Staszek" == Staszek Wawrykiewicz <staw at gust.org.pl> writes:

  > OK. So fonts+macros are well deposed in generic/devnag . I can
  > only add: do not put .fd and .sty files into
  > tex/latex/devnag. That's the point.

I don't understand.  Why do you want to put fonts to generic/devnag?
And why do you want .sty files not to be in tex/latex/devnag?  They
can contain arbitrary latex code.  I wonder whether all .fd files
should better be moved to tex/generic because they can be used by
plnfss.  Does Context understand .fd files as well?

  >> > As for my taste, the main contents of devnag package are fonts,
  >> > other files (macros) serve mainly as support for using
  >> *fonts*. So > (perhaps) it would be better something like:
  >> doc/fonts/devnag > (with a subdirectory for samples) tex/latex/
  >> tex/plain/ fonts/ > (all the font stuff)
  >> Is it a matter of taste?  If it is, something is wrong.  In the
  >> main texmf trees we have tex/{generic,plain,latex,context,...}
  >> and I think that if a package provides TeX macros and fonts,
  >> people search for documentation about TeX macros, not for
  >> documentation about fonts.

  > Hmm, why not, if we have so many _font packages_ not related only
  > to LaTeX? For years I've corrected so many packages for TL, which
  > was first declared as _latex_ packages (completelly wrong, as Hans
  > can use them in ConTeXt, and Jacko and me in Plain :-)

When .sty files can be used by latex and plain tex they should
go to tex/generic.  But it is not the case for all .sty files.
  >> A LaTeX user expects documentation for Polish in doc/latex and
  >> not in doc/fonts though the fonts consume more disk space than
  >> the macro packages.

  > No. Language specific macros should go into latex/foo or plain/foo
  > It is not a case of devnag, as it contains support for several
  > language scripts.

I talked about documentation, not about macros.

  >> I think that people want support for a particular language and
  >> expect that the system provides the needed fonts.

  > If I want to insert some words in Tibethan in the Polish text?
  > Sorry, but devnag seems to me european (sorry, latin) oriented.

If you want Tibetan or Arabic or Chinese or Vietnamese, just put the
TeXLive-CD into the drive and select the languages you need in the
install menu.  I don't think that people should care about fonts.  It
should be obvious that the fonts will be provided.


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