[tex-live] Re: LyXWin137preSmall-0-6.exe and TeXLive2005

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Tue Jan 24 12:18:21 CET 2006

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>    "What TeXLive2005 _appears_ to have done, is take xemtex and
>    add the missing programs, but recompiled and/or relinked to the
>    new DLLs when necessary.
> I was under the impression that TL'05 took everything from xemtex as
> Fabrice provided it.  The only compilations were for programs not in
> xemtex. > Staszek?

I think that xemtex (my version) does not function like fptex or
Cygwin->tetex for Windows, which is why Dan liked it ->Win32.
I don't mean at a very general level, but like why Protex differs from 
Win32. Something must have been added to produce fptex functionality.
The user perceives what the program works like, not how many
files were carried over from xemtex and so evaluates the change.
I think Tomasz Luczak did the installer for Win32. Who modified
the functionality to appear more like fptex? Were fptex files used as a
basis, or were the files newly conceived? Outside of including Windvi.


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