[tex-live] Re: Any news of DVDs ?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jan 27 20:05:07 CET 2006

    a copy of the "TeX Collection 2005" DVD, is there a
    single ISO file that I need or several ?  

The exact image as burned on the DVD distributed by the user groups is
not (and has never been) available.  You could ask Manfred for it if you
really insist.  He's the only one who's ever had it (or needed it).

    I do not know how to merge them : Nero assumes
    1 ISO -> 1 DVD ...

So, my suggestion (which you probably won't like) is, don't bother going
to all this trouble.  Instead, do what is easy: if you want TeX Live,
download TeX Live.  If you want proTeXt, download proTeXt.  If you want
MacTeX, download MacTeX.  If, for some crazy reason, you want CTAN, then
set up a CTAN mirror.


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