[tex-live] Any news of DVDs ?

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Tue Jan 31 16:41:15 CET 2006

Philip TAYLOR writes:

 > Just returned from there, Reinhard (Viet Nam, I mean

I just returned from a longer journey to Thailand (or Thai Land)
and found 40+ messages on "Any news of DVDs" in my opulent mailbox...

 > no-one
 > in Vietnam is going to try to download the TeX Live DVD from
 > an Internet cafe in Sa Pa, nor would anyone in their right
 > mind try to download it with less than broadband

True. Instead, they would contact VietTUG, the Vietnamese user group:
   email:    kyanh_at_o2.pl
   web site: www.viettug.org
to find/work out how to get the 2005 Collection.

 > The instructions tell them not to bother if they don't know how
 > to proceed.

But the instructions are meant as help, not an offence. Instead of
fighting BZ2, or a bandwidth, or other downloading problems, get a copy 
(or another copy, if you lost the first one) from a user group!


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