[tex-live] TL2005 for Windows: paper size revisited

Harriet B Borton bortonh at rpi.edu
Thu Mar 23 20:58:42 CET 2006

Hello George,

gnwiii at gmail.com wrote

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> > Changing config.ps is sufficient to
> > ensure that .ps files are created with letter size paper, but
> > changing pdftexconfig.tex is not sufficient to ensure letter paper
> > in pdf files made by pdflatex. I found you must also recreate the
> > formats. If this is correct behavior, it should be added to the
> > appropriate section in the TeXLive documentation for Windows.
> > -Harriet
> Just choose linux! TeTeX's "texconfig[-sys] paper letter" knows which
> files to edit.   Some North American should port texconfig to perl so
> the favorite North American OS can be used with the favorite North
> American paper sizes.

Well, I'd like to use Linux, but I have to tell people on this
campus how to use LaTeX on Windows... I'd love it if there were a
texconfig that worked for Windows!
> Don't forget texmf-var/dvipdfm/config/config.

Good point. There isn't a config file for dvipdfm under the
texmf-var tree, so people will have to copy it from the texmf tree
and then modify.
> Another other paper size surprises for people using plain pdftex with
> \magnification
> was mentioned on the tetex list.  Even though you specify truein for
> the page size in pdftexconfig.tex, the values are affected by
> \magnification so need to be adjusted accordingly.  The fix is to get
> people to stop using \magnification. A new pdftex.ini (+rebuild
> affected formats) works for some people, but one colleague has a book
> that is still getting magnified paper size using a format generated
> with the new pdftex.ini.  Other tools (dvisvgm) are also confused by
> \magnification.

Thanks for the tip.

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