[tex-live] pstopdf - strange behaviour on linux

Wolfgang Fleischer w.fleischer at erlenweg.de
Tue Dec 4 21:36:45 CET 2007


This time I have a question about pstopdf on linux:

When I use pstopdf like

  latex sample2e
  dvips sample2e
  pstopdf sample2e.ps

I end up with a correct pdf-file sample2e.pdf.

Now lets do

  mv sample2e.ps aBcD.ps
  pstopdf aBcD.ps

to have a file name with uppercase letters.

There is no output file aBcD.pdf. pstopdf complains about not finding
aBcD.ps which is true because aBcD.ps has been renamed to abcd.ps.
If there exist both files abcd.ps and aBcD.ps the command

  pstopdf aBcD.ps

will overwrite abcd.ps without any warning.

With kind regards

Wolfgang Fleischer

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