[tex-live] verbatim

yuri.nefedov at gmail.com yuri.nefedov at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 19:30:09 CET 2007

  I am using Debian-etch(2005.dfsg.3-1) Tex-live
  and I am having trouble with the verbatim package.

  Consider the following example:
\usepackage[english,russian]{babel}             % (***)

\usepackage{verbatim}                           % (***)

\renewcommand*{\verbatim at font}{\ttfamily\small} % (***)

         while (--nlines >= 0)

  The graphical output is
         while (-nlines >= 0)
  (one minus!)

  If I comment any line marked with (***)
  the problem disappears.

  What is wrong in my example?


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