[tex-live] Why such an old version of enumitem

Brett Presnell presnell at stat.ufl.edu
Wed Dec 3 13:04:59 CET 2008

"Victor Ivrii" <vivrii at gmail.com> writes:

> And what TL do you have? 2008? or earlier? My guess is that you have a
> prior version. If you have 2008 you can update it using tlmgr

I have what is distributed by default with the very latest release of
Ubuntu (and hence of Debian as well), but you're right, it looks like
it's a 2007 version.  This is a bit surprising to me since the current
version of Ubuntu (8.10, "Intrepid Ibis") was released in October of
2008 (hence the 8.10).  They freeze the packages a few months earlier,
but still ...

I had already put a new version of enumitem.sty in my personal texmf
directory, so I'm ok personally.  I just wanted to make sure that this
had been noticed by all concerned.

Thanks for all you do.

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