[tex-live] Why such an old version of enumitem

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Dec 3 18:08:43 CET 2008

Dear Brett,

On Di, 02 Dez 2008, Brett Presnell wrote:
> Anyway, I'm wondering why this package contains Version 1.1 (2005/05/12)
> of enumitem.sty rather than the current Version 2.1 (2007/06/30), which

In Debian and thus in Ubuntu there is TeX Live 2007 which was released
in February 2007 (AFAIR), thus the version 2.1 from June cannot be

On Mi, 03 Dez 2008, Brett Presnell wrote:
> I have what is distributed by default with the very latest release of
> Ubuntu (and hence of Debian as well), but you're right, it looks like
> it's a 2007 version.  This is a bit surprising to me since the current
> version of Ubuntu (8.10, "Intrepid Ibis") was released in October of
> 2008 (hence the 8.10).  They freeze the packages a few months earlier,
> but still ...

Again, release of TeX Live 2007 was beginning of 2007, and TeX Live 2008
has not been packaged for Debian till now. I have currently not the time
and energy, doing a bit here and there, but it is not ready.

Furthermore, until Debian/Lenny is released nothing newer then TL2007
will be included into Debian. For lenny+1 (and whatever Ubuntu release
that will be) TL 2008 is our aim.

Still, there is work to be done in the packaging. I have started
already, and any help is appreciated. That you can pass on to the Ubuntu
guys, maybe they want to contribute a bit.

Best wishes


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