[tex-live] [Bug]tlmgr --help on Windows

Ruben Prins ruben_prins at planet.nl
Wed Dec 3 21:21:15 CET 2008

Same problem here on XP with ActivePerl's perldoc ("device not available"; I
do have an X: drive, which would explain that particular message).

As it turned out I only used Perl for TeX Live, but with 2008 this is no
longer needed, so I have been able to reclaim some megabytes of data now.
But I guess this 'solution' won't solve the problem for other users.


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Onderwerp: [tex-live] [Bug]tlmgr --help on Windows

I have ActivePerl installed on Vista.
Basically, tlmgr --help gives an error "The system cannot find the drive
The script tlmgr knows I have perldoc, and tries to call perldoc to
show the help.
The error is caused by the Pod::Usage perl module, in which
$Config{scriptdir} returned "X:\perl\bin".
ActivePerl correctly returns "C:\perl\bin" while tlperl returns
I am not sure if this is common on all systems. Could someone look into
this issue? Thanks a lot.

Aaron Chen

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