[tex-live] (TeXLive 2008) Fix for small dvipdfm(1) configuration file error

John Murdie john at cs.york.ac.uk
Thu Dec 4 11:35:42 CET 2008

Correct $TEXLIVE/texmf/dvipdfm/config:

	< V 2
	> V 3

Otherwise dvipdfm(1) coughs e.g.:

	; dvipdfm article
	article.dvi -> article.pdf
	Version of PDF file (1.3) is newer than version limit specification.
	pdf_open: Not a PDF 1.[1-3] file
	Corrupt PDF file?
	Ignoring stream with with multiple segments
	pdf: image inclusion failed for (elephant.eps).
	9616 bytes written

Some people here still use latex(1) and dvips(1)/ps2pdf(1) or dvipdfm(1)
rather than pdflatex(1) or better because, they tell me, they wish to
watch their typeset document change and grow and find it irksome to have
manually to close and reopen the PDF file produced each time they make a
small change to their source document. (I imagine that they have a
script which makes retypesetting their documents quick and easy.) Ok,
one could argue (as I might) that one should not continually examine the
typeset appearance of the document one is working on, and instead leave
appearance to the end. Still it's a habit people do get into.

I'm aware of 'all-in-one' solutions such as LyX, TeXMaker and TeXMacs,
but I would like to wean users off latex(1) and DVI and onto pdflatex(1)
or better. Any suggestions?

John A. Murdie
Department of Computer Science
University of York

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