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Andreas Hirsch afj at gmx.org
Sun Dec 7 12:51:50 CET 2008

quoting Reinhard Kotucha, [03.12.2008 02:08 +0100]:
> Staszek Wawrykiewicz writes:

>  > OK, enough ;-) Please notice that such jokes are Cc-ed to kids in
>  > gymnasium.  (Manuel, it's your personal disaster having to reboot
>  > three times :-)

> do you really believe that these "kids" didn't experience the same
> problems themselves?  Are you sure that these "kids" don't understand
> the jokes?

they do ;-)

> BTW, I dislike the word "kid".  When I attended the high school, I had
> my own opinions and I always had been pissed off if anybody treated me
> as a kid.  It's very likely that some of the TeX guys at the
> Werdenfels Gymnasium are more experienced than me. If there had been
> a course about PSTricks, then they all ***definitely*** have much more
> experience than me.


It's indeed not the usual sort of informatics-courses at bavarian
high-schools. In fact there have been a few attempts to introduce LaTeX
into bavarian high-schools but the resonance was poor :-(
[Maybe the problems of installing a TeX-System - it was the time of
emTeX and 20 3,5"-disks - caused this]

As of today, only a few teachers are using LaTeX for there work and so
there is not much examples for the pupils.
Even a database of prepared lessons and exercises using TeX
(http://btmdx1.mat.uni-bayreuth.de/smart/wp/index.php [in german]) did
not bring things any further.

Also DANTE e.V. had founded a team (AK Schule) for spreading LaTeX into
schools an we didn't achieve anything ...

OK, back to us: At my school of 1100 pupils only 10 to 20 per year are
learning LaTeX. Maybe 5 to 10 will use it out of the course for there work.

This may clarify why this pupils are very committed in computer related
things. A team of them is preparing our so called 'Jahresbericht'
(report of the schoolyear) about 250 pages using LaTeX.

It's very hard to see, how many people (teachers and pupils) could not
be convinced by the advantages of LaTeX. :-(
[in fact of all your work on TeXLive and Christians work on MiKTeX has
made things much more easier as my beginning using emTeX)


'Auch mit Steinen, die Dir in den Weg gelegt werden,
kannst Du etwas Schönes bauen.'
				Erich Kästner

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