[tex-live] report: installing on vista, using standard-configuration

Andreas Hirsch afj at gmx.org
Mon Dec 8 22:42:34 CET 2008


I'm testing out way for my pupils to get TeXLive2008 running.

Doing this, I made a netinstall using the standard configuration of the
installer (C:\programme\texlive) as shown in screenshot

I was very surprised, finding most of the installation files in a newly
created C:\program\ (without texlive) as shown in

This folder 'program' has been newly created by the installer and it
seems to me its not identical to the system-folder program which is
identical with programme (its a sort of an language-mapping by windows
which does not seem to work properly)

As a succession of this, the local-texmf could not be found and had to
be corrected manually.

Any copying and any start of tlmgr has to be done in admin-mode - this
is very unpracticable.

Maybe you should consider to change the standard-installation-folder.

I managed it to get this installation working but ist not the way I
should explain it to my pupils ...

I'll give a new installtion to C:\texlive a try next friday ...


'Auch mit Steinen, die Dir in den Weg gelegt werden,
kannst Du etwas Schönes bauen.'
				Erich Kästner
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