[tex-live] [Bug]tlmgr --help on Windows

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 14 01:04:18 CET 2008

    Also, I downloaded and ran
    whose name suggests it updates to version 11500, but tlmgr --version
    reports 11452 both before and after the update.

I don't know for sure about this particular case, but it is normal,
though confusing, for the rev in the filename to be newer than the tlmgr
--version rev, because of how we compute it (depends on how many changes
intervene between the last tlmgr change and rebuilding the archive).
Probably we should fix it to just use the tlmgr version in the filename.

Anyway, we pushed a new version of tlmgr last night
(update-tlmgr-r11601, also tlmgr version 11601 by chance), and will do
so again tonight with some small doc changes, probably tlmgr 11610.


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