[tex-live] TL2009

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Dec 14 01:43:52 CET 2008

    > Don't bother updating your installation with the help of tlmgr, wait for
    > the next TeXLive edition.

Actually I think this is a perfectly viable approach unless someone
actually *needs* a particular update.  After all, this is the first year
TL has had updates.  That did not make TL useless for the last decade.

    2) If there will be TL2009 how installation would be different from
    TL2008 completely update with tlmgr?

We haven't figured out tl09 deployment yet -- the earliest we can
realistically hope for is summer 09.  But my expectation is that it
won't be possible to use tlmgr update to get from 08 to 09.  We have a
list of infrastructure things we want to improve which cannot be done
while retaining compatibility with the oh-so-ancient :) version that is
on the 08 DVD.

I'd be curious if it is possible to use the miktex package manager to
upgrade between significant releases.


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