[tex-live] Small bugs in install-w32client

Siep Kroonenberg siepo at cybercomm.nl
Sun Dec 21 17:07:41 CET 2008

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 09:59:47PM +0200, Nikos Platis wrote:
> Using a dual boot (Linux/Vista) system, I tried the following setup:
> - Installed TeXLive 2008 normally in Linux, but in a folder visible from 
> Vista (as C:\texlive). I chose both Linux and Win32 binaries to be  
> installed.
> - From Vista, run 'install-w32client.bat' to perform something like a  
> "network" installation in Vista.
> My aim was to have a shared installation between Linux and Windows, in  
> order to minimize maintenance effort (packages will be installed once  
> and visible from both operating systems).
> Here are the problems that I found:
> - The documentation does not mention that 'install-w32client' and  
> 'install-w32client.bat' must be copied in the '2008' folder, which  
> results in an error when running 'install-w32client.bat'. I only found  
> the solution by opening the '.bat' file, which mentions the correct  
> position of the files. So either add this to the documentation or make  
> the scripts work correctly from their initial location.

Added a README, which also recommends users to look it over before use.

> - Regarding the shortcuts created, the link to the documentation is  
> wrong: it points to a non-existing 'live.pdf' whereas it should point to  
> 'texlive-en.pdf'

Fixed in rev 11668

> - Again regarding the shortcuts, the link to "Texdoc GUI" (texdoctk)  
> does not work. The simple solution is to set the "startup folder"  
> parameter of the shortcut to the folder where 'texdoctk' resides (the  
> 2008\bin\win32 folder).

Can't reproduce; works for me.

> - The documentation is not correct about dviout. If the package  
> bin-dviout is installed, the program is readily available in Windows;  
> unfortunately it needs to be run manually for the first time, then  
> select its "Install" command in order to create Start Menu shortcuts and  
> file associations -- maybe this could be done by 'install-w32client'.

The status of dviout is explained in
Rev 11668 adds a shortcut for dviout.

> And one final question, in case one knows or has tried a similar setup:  
> would it be considered safe to run tlmgr from Windows? For now, given  
> that the initial installation was done from Linux, I only run tlmgr from  
> Linux as well, in order not to break the installation...

I don't know. The script wasn't intended for such use, and such use
hasn't been tested.

Siep Kroonenberg

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