[tex-live] Small bugs in install-w32client

Nikos Platis nplatis at freemail.gr
Sun Dec 21 19:43:40 CET 2008

O/H Siep Kroonenberg έγραψε:
> On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 09:59:47PM +0200, Nikos Platis wrote:
>> - Again regarding the shortcuts, the link to "Texdoc GUI" (texdoctk)  
>> does not work. The simple solution is to set the "startup folder"  
>> parameter of the shortcut to the folder where 'texdoctk' resides (the  
>> 2008\bin\win32 folder).
> Can't reproduce; works for me.
Right... This now works for me as well (I mean, without setting the 
startup folder for the shortcut). Strange...

Another somewhat related issue: When trying to view some pdf 
documentation from texdoctk, Acrobat 9.0 displays "Unknown error" (!) 
and crashes. This happens in both my (very similar otherwise) 
installations, one on XP and the other on Vista. However, viewing the 
same documentation through a command-line invocation of texdoc works 
correctly!... Any hints, or where I should look for the relative 
invocations of Acrobat?

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