[tex-live] bug(?) of tlmgr

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Dec 22 23:32:32 CET 2008

    Changing scriptdir to empty string in Config.pm resulted in:

I think you have to change that to the real scriptdir, not the empty string.

Meanwhile, I have deleted tlperl/bin/perldoc.bat.  So at least now we
should back to the point where only people with the other Perl installed
are affected.  If I'm following this right.

What I don't understand is why Siep is unable to reproduce the problem
*with* ActivePerl installed.  Siep, you did get a perldoc in your PATH
when you installed AP?  Or maybe it found the AP Config.pm instead of
the TL Config.pm?

   > because most people don't have a perldoc at x:\perl\bin.

Certainly, but the whole theory is that the Config.pm in tlperl is
supposed to be irrelevant.  Clearly it is for some people, and isn't for
others.  Sigh.


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