[tex-live] x64 libXau

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Dec 23 23:27:34 CET 2008

Hi Lars,

    I can run the 32bit without problems on the same server, why does the 
    64bit version need this whereas the 32bit does not?

I already explained this.  The short answer is, run ldd.

When I compiled xdvi for i386-linux, I did so on Debian sarge and the
only libXau there is static.  Therefore it is not a dynamically linked
library to the executable.

When RK compiled xdvi for x86_64, he did so on a different (newer)
system that evidently uses libXau.so.  Therefore it is dynamically
linked.  Therefore anyone who doesn't have that .so cannot run the

Can't you just install some standard package on your system and get
libXau.so?  If you want to solve it right now, that is the only way.  We
are not going to distribute new binaries just for this, even if it was
easy to make new ones, which it isn't.

Based on Werner's message, to change the build will require someone
playing with the freetype link line and disabling the test binaries.  Or
something.  Don't hold your breath.  There's lots more important things
to do with the build.


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