[tex-live] Update first

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed Dec 24 01:47:14 CET 2008

Karl Berry a écrit :
>     instead of asking first to update bin-texlive texlive.infra, run
>     two-stage update
> You mean, automatically do the update of the most critical packages
> without even asking?  Sorry, I don't like that idea at all.
Hum, the user asked 'update --all', didn't she ? So...

By the way, it was the previous behaviour with update --all. So what
Victor asks would only be to come back to this behaviour, except that
the order of updates made would be different.

Now, I'm not sure it is technically possible. First, maybe it would
imply too many changes in tlmgr's code. Second, on windows since we
can't change the tlmgr while it's running, you'll have to close and
rerun tlmgr anyway in order for the tlmgr update t be effective before
the other updates are done.


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