[tex-live] revisions going backwards?

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Mon Dec 29 21:17:03 CET 2008

Dan Luecking wrote:
> The package bin-tlperl.win32 did indeed go backwards. There
> was a version with a script perldoc.bat added. When that was
> shown not to solve the problem (with tlmgr --help), an older
> version was apparently reinstated. I don't think this has
> anything to do with mirrors, only with the timing of previous
> updates. I got the same messages on two different machines with
> two different mirrors (both set to explicit mirrors, and not
> mirror.ctan.org).
> You can almost certainly ignore the message. But there
> might be a way to force tlmgr to "reverse update" to the
> current (earlier) version.
> I actually reversed the update by hand, downloading and
> unpacking the archive manually (and "updating" the texlive
> package database with the following undocumented tlmgr
> action
>   tlmgr _include_tlpobj tlpkg\tlpobj\bin-tlperl.win32.tlpobj
> ) Caveat: I don't recommend that anyone do this.
> Dan

sounds resonable.

The only reason I have win32 installed is that I can do a windows 
installation much faster by just packing my current instalaltion, moving 
it to the PC and unpacking it.



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