[tex-live] texlive rpm

Peter Münster pmlists at free.fr
Tue Mar 4 12:08:43 CET 2008


I've made an rpm-spec-file for an easy texlive-rpm-installation:

rpmbuild --rebuild --force http://pmrb.free.fr/texlive/texlive.nosrc.rpm

I've tested it only on openSUSE, so if you could test it on other systems,
that would be nice.

- support for easy ConTeXt update (command "updateConTeXt.sh")
- support for easy LuaTeX update (command "updateLuaTeX.sh")
- support for URW Garamond
- support for Adobe eurofont
- support for ruby and lua versions of ConTeXt scripts
- latest TeX-live
- latest ConTeXt
- latest LuaTeX

Cheers, Peter


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