[tex-live] mktexlsr should exclude more VCS dirs

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun May 18 19:43:06 CEST 2008

    > +  VCSDIRS='\(\.svn\|\.git\|\.bzr\|\.hg\|_darcs\)'
    >    (cd "$TEXMFLS_R" && \ls -LRa 2>/dev/null) \
    > -   | sed -e '/^$/{n;s%^\./%%;s%^%./%;}; /^\.$/d; /^\.\.$/d; /^\.svn$/d;' \
    > +   | sed -e '/^$/{n;s%^\./%%;s%^%./%;}; /^\.$/d; /^\.\.$/d; /^'$VCSDIRS'$/d;' \
    >          -e '/^[\.\/]*lsR[0-9]*\.tmp:*$/d' \
    > -   | sed -e '/\.svn.*:$/,/^$/d' \
    > +   | sed -e '/'$VCSDIRS'.*:$/,/^$/d' \

I installed this change, with David's additional suggestions of CVS,
RCS, and factoring out the '\.'.
As for kpathsea, I don't plan to do anything, although I don't mind if
someone else does.  I have not seen any reports of such a problem in the
last umpteen years, so it is evidently not an issue in practice.  (If
someone else does work on it, the list of exclusions should be
controlled via a texmf.cnf variable, probably PATH_SEP-separated.)


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