[tex-live] Build fails on Solaris 10

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Fri May 30 05:11:05 CEST 2008

"EA" == Ettore Aldrovandi writes:

 EA> Hello, I'm trying to build TexLive, fresh svn checkout, on a
 EA> Solaris 10 machine, and it fails. Here are the last few lines of
 EA> build.log:

 EA> ########### gmake[2]: ../../texk/install.sh: Command not found

this happens because of combination of 3 factors:

* there's no "BSD-compatible install" on Solaris in system directories,
  so the build falls back to shell scripts such as install.sh

* the Build script uses the relative path to configure, so the paths to
  install.sh scripts are also relative

* texlive Makefiles fail in this case, because they pass INSTALL*
  variables to sub-directories and then the relative links to install.sh
  don't work.

to fix for this problem do any of the following:

* install a BSD-compatible install to a system directory (e.g. copy
  texk/install.sh to /usr/bin/install)

* patch the Build script to use absolute path to configure:

--- Build
+++ Build
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
 cd $TL_WORKDIR || exit 1
 # allow override of configure location, just in case.
-: ${TL_CONFIGURE=../configure}
+: ${TL_CONFIGURE=$H/configure}
 # allow override of xdvi toolkit, default to standard xaw.
 : ${TL_CONF_XDVI_TOOLKIT=--with-xdvi-x-toolkit=xaw}

* patch the 2 makefiles to not pass the INSTALL* variables:

--- texk/Makefile.in
+++ texk/Makefile.in
@@ -15,8 +15,7 @@
 # if we are to propagate changes at the top level.
 # XMAKEARGS is for the user to override.
 makeargs = $(MFLAGS) CC='$(CC)' CFLAGS='$(CFLAGS)' LDFLAGS='$(LDFLAGS)' $(makevars) $(XMAKEARGS)
-installargs = INSTALL_DATA='$(INSTALL_DATA)' \
+installargs = $(makeargs)
 # Not everything from common.mk is relevant to this top-level
 # Makefile, but most of it is, and it doesn't seem worth separating the
--- texk/web2c/Makefile.in
+++ texk/web2c/Makefile.in
@@ -69,9 +69,7 @@
 common_makeargs = $(MFLAGS) CC='$(CC)' CFLAGS='$(CFLAGS)' LDFLAGS='$(LDFLAGS)' $(XMAKEARGS)
 window_makeargs = x_cppflags='$(x_cppflags)' $(common_makeargs)
-install_makeargs = INSTALL='$(INSTALL)' INSTALL_DATA='$(INSTALL_DATA)' \
-  $(makevars) $(common_makeargs)  
+install_makeargs = $(makevars) $(common_makeargs)
 proglib = lib/lib.a
 windowlib = window/window.a


probably the most harmless would be the 2nd approach (patch the build
script). the most correct would be to fix the makefiles; the above patch
doesn't allow to override INSTALL scripts during make install run, but
that is probably not needed, as one can supply correct INSTALL program
during configure.


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