[tex-live] XeLaTeX with WinEdt in UTF-8 on Windows

Nikos Platis nplatis at uop.gr
Sun Jun 14 20:43:25 CEST 2009

As you can see in WinEdt's webpages, unicode is not its strong point. It 
seems that the latest betas have some support for it, but I don't know 
how good it is (I tried it sometime ago very quickly, but couldn't use 
it -- but I didn't try a lot!).
I have used WinShell for unicode texts under Windows with success, and 
it is rather easy to configure "user-defined" commands.


O/H Pander έγραψε:
> Hi all,
> A friend of mine has installed texlive 2008 on a Windows machine and
> would like to to use it with WinEdt with UTF-8.
> Hoeweverm he faces two challanges which I cannot guide him with since
> I'm not familiar with that operating system anymore.
> Can someone please send me soem pointers on how to configure WinEdt to
> use xelatex (which is in his DOS path) and secondly how Windows will not
> use its native codepage but UTF-8 for entering characters with
> diacritics. Any help is welcome.
> Thanks,
> Pander

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