[tex-live] Three problems with milstd.tex

Scott Pakin scott at pakin.org
Tue Jun 23 03:56:22 CEST 2009

In Tex Live 2008, milstd.tex appears under the "doc" tree:


Hence, latex can't find that file with the default kpathsea setup.  Telling
latex where to find milstd.tex reveals the second problem with that file:

   ! Text line contains an invalid character.
   l.34 ^^Z

The file ends with a DOS end-of-file marker, which causes latex to choke,
at least on Linux.

A third problem with milstd.tex, which you may or may not want to fix, is
that the .tex extension precludes the use of \usepackage{milstd}.  Instead,
one has to \input{milstd} to use that package.

-- Scott

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