[tex-live] updmap and TEXMFHOME

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Dec 3 15:44:32 CET 2010

On Fr, 03 Dez 2010, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> The updmap of miktex is doing it: It reads all updmap.cfg-files


> the UserConfig-root. I must say that I don't quite understand why it
> should be so difficult for the updmap of TeXLive. It is able to
> merge two cfg's (updmap.cfg and updmap-local.cfg) so why not three
> or more? 

Becasue it is not updmap, but tlmgr. tlmgr creates from the information
of the installed packages and the -local.cfg the final updmap.cfg,
which is read by updmap.

The real problem here is that we need a rewrite of updmap in perl,
then it will be portable on all systems. Currently we have the version 
in bash for Unix, and a C version for W32, which is not optimal.

Best wishes

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