[tex-live] texdoc suggestion for the cool package

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed Dec 8 20:50:50 CET 2010

Le 08/12/2010 18:42, Reinhard Kotucha a écrit :
> I don't think that the proposed change is a good idea.  The file
> cool.pdf *is* the package manual and the file
> Content_LaTeX_Package_Demo.pdf is exactly what its name implies.  I'm
> sure that texdoc's current behavior is what the package author intended.
FWIW, I have no strong opinion on that point, so I won't take any measure (such
as adding an alias) regarding the result of "texdoc cool". Users who are not
satisfied with the first result are expected to run "texdoc -l cool" which will
offer them a choice between the two documents:

 1 /home/mpg/tl/trunk/Master/texmf-dist/doc/latex/cool/cool.pdf
   = Package documentation
   = EXamples of use

> I don't know what to do with vntex-man.pdf.  Maybe Manuel can give
> advice.  I didn't find out from the texdoc code how catalogue tags are
> handled.

Well, you didn't find that part of the code because there is none! The actual
contents of the "details" field are mostly ignored, since it's basically
free-form text. The idea is, if the file was worth a comment in the catalogue,
then it's probably worth a score bonus. I hope Robin won't start adding comments
like "don't read this" :-)

(Full disclaimer: I lied and texdoc does look at the content, but only to see if
it contains the string "readme", then it gives it a lesser bonus.)

>  If "manual" has a higher precedence than "documentation", it
> would be sufficient to assign:
>   vntex.pdf     ==> 'Package manual'
>   vntex-man.pdf ==> 'Package documentation'
> Manuel, any suggestions?
None at all on this point.

Currently, there is an alias vntex=vntex that forces vntex.pdf to be the first
result. If vntex gets any comment in the catalogue, then this alias will become
useless and my alias checking script will warn me, so I'll eventually remove it.


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