[tex-live] ushyph.tex missing in TeXLive 2010?

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 16:44:10 CET 2010

Konstantin Ziegler <konstantin.ziegler at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and installed TeXLive 2010 according to the
> instructions without error messages.  Unfortunately, already the first
> test (latex small2e) failed.  The essential part of the error message
> is:
> ===========================================
> Local configuration file hyphen.cfg used
> ===========================================
> (/usr/local/texlive/2010/texmf-dist/tex/generic/babel/hyphen.cfg
> ! I can't find file `ushyph.tex'.
> <to be read again>
>                    \relax
> l.370   \repeat

tl 2010, afaics, contains no reference to ushyph.tex

its language.dat loads hyphen.tex for us hyphenations.

so (apart from the fact that you've not generated any formats, which is
odd -- my install of tl2010 did that for me) ... i would guess you've
got a language.dat somewhere on your path, that's not part of tl2010.

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